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Path to Power 200 hr. Teacher Training Program

Join our Basecamp Academy for our 200 hr. Registered Teacher Training
June - August 2020
Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

BY: Cat Looke Thompson, Erin Anderson
Assisted by: James Anson- Holland 
Anatomy by: Kylie Kook

Discover how this Baptiste Power Yoga training creates breakthroughs both on and off your mat through intensive study and practice of Asana, Meditation, and Inquiry.

Basecamp Power Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training is an extraordinary opportunity for you to dive in fully to your yoga practice, develop self-leadership skills and uncover your true power.

You will immerse yourself in the Baptiste Yoga Methodology and gain the confidence and skills to lead this potent practice of yoga anywhere and to anyone.

You will be supported and challenged in new ways and you’ll discover just how powerful you are. 

This training offers a unique opportunity to take part in a 75-hour week-long intensive or commit to the full 200hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training.

Be ready to know yourself on a deeper level and experience new possibilities in your life.

Take part in the full 200-hour teacher training and walk away wildly confident to lead a 90-minute class anywhere, to anyone.

June 6 - 13, 2020

June 26 - 28  | July 10 - 12  | July 24 - 26 |  August 8-10

More details below on hours and  payments plans at the bottom of this page.

For any other questions about this training, and registration please email

Path To Power Immersion

Join our Basecamp Academy for our Teacher Immersion
75 Hour Immersion
June 6 - 13, 2020
Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

BY: Erin Anderson, Cat Looke Thompson
Assisted by: James Anson- Holland 

Are you ready to create lasting change in your life? Could it be that you’re tired of the things that stop you from the life you so desire? This training is for those wanting to deepen their asana practice, discover new levels of personal power and enrich their lives through the practice and service of yoga.

Throughout the week you will experience Daily yoga practice, meditation, and interactive inquiry that will create lasting awareness and change. If you know the power of a yoga class, imagine what a week can do? The focus of this immersion is on three themes:


Rinse out old energy, limiting beliefs and the trap of thinking small. The shift has already begun the second you have considered this training. Do the work and feel the power that comes from clarity. This training focuses on creating a clear mind, body and spirit. 


The process of getting present ends the effort. Arriving in the present moment is only available to those who are willing to withstand the pull of distraction, ignore the small safe voice and defy the unhelpful view on your life. Presence is powerful. 


Embody your true nature so you can walk your path to power. You will live big into your chosen future using practical and real deal tools to navigate what’s real in your life. You will no longer be a victim of circumstance, rather a force for good in your life and the world. 


The week-long immersion provides a profound understanding of Baptiste Yoga which you will be able to rely on in your pursuits, whether as a yoga teacher or a passionate seeker. 

No matter what you’re up to in your life right now, this immersion will provide you with the tools, practices, and strength to walk your path to power with confidence and ease.

You will gain an understanding of Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology and sequence.You will learn alignment and adjustments for each pose in the Baptiste Yoga Journey Into Power Sequence You will develop techniques to deepen your personal practiceYou will learn the principles of teaching and sharing your authentic voiceYou will develop new mindfulness skills that assist in lowering stress and diminishing anxiety You will experience shifts in perception about yourself and others in your lifeYou will connect deeply to your purpose and be clear on ways to activate your purpose in meaningful waysYou will have a foundational education for teaching and leading Baptiste Yoga. Take part in the full 200-hour teacher training and walk away wildly confident to lead a 90-minute class anywhere, to anyone. 


June 6 - 13th 
8:30 am - 7:00 pm every day

A sample schedule:

Yoga Practice
Asana Lab
Yoga Practice 


The week-long intensive offers a deep dive into the physical practice of Baptiste Yoga along with an opportunity for self-leadership that is unprecedented. 

This immersion is designed to create new perspectives on your life, past present and future. You will discover tools to connect deeply with what is most important to you while understanding how to overcome obstacles. You will experience new clarity of your purpose while declaring the future of your choice. 

This weeklong intensive will provide breakthroughs physically, emotionally and mentally. You will walk away from default patterns in your life and create new outcomes and opportunities to fulfill your purpose. 

Be ready to know yourself on a deeper level and experience new possibilities in your life.

payments plans at the bottom of this page.

For any other questions about this training, and registration please email

Metta Program

Take your Teaching to the Next Level
Program of Contracting & Expanding  
August - November 2020 
Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

Have you graduated from Basecamp’s Path to Power Teacher Training Program? Are you looking to take your teaching to the next level? Basecamps unique opportunity for you to practice what you have learned in our Path to Power Training. 


Commitment to your development

You get priority in teaching Basecamp’s Community Classes

6 zoom calls with coaching (permission based) 

Access to private Facebook group

Cat will listen and review up to 3 of your recorded yoga classes.

Offer at least one community class - coaching post class. (permission based) 


 01. Timing & Tone

 02. Presence 

 03. Intuition/ Creativity

 04. Intention and Theme

 0.5 Source your Inspiration 

 0.6  Your Why? 


Fearless Powerful Teaching from Authentic Inspiration 


Commit to teaching once per week for 10 weeks

Biweekly Metta Monday zoom calls 


Details coming soon

Training Schedule & Investment


Part I: 75 - Hour Immersion
Continuing Education
June 6 - 13th
Everyday from 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

Part II: Weekend Module Immersion
June 26 - 28
July 10 - 12
July 24 - 26
August 8-10

Fridays 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Weeklong Immersion: $1750
Non-refundable & must be paid in full by start date

Option I: 1 payment

Save $150 

Option 2: 2 payments

2 payments, 30 days apart.

FULL 200 YTT: $3700
Non-refundable & paid in full by start date 

Option I: 1 payment

save $300

Option 2: 2 payments

save $100

Auto payment every 30 days 
Last day to take advantage of option 2 payment plan is May 6


What base level of yoga am I supposed to have before doing the Immersion/Path to Power Program?

The Yoga Teacher Training Immersion requires a commitment to your own development, from where you are to where you want to go. The week will offer 2x daily yoga practices, meditation, practice teaching and self-leadership work.

The days will be full and you will be actively immersed in the work of understanding yourself, clearing incorrect beliefs and discovering powerful tools to help you create your life.

Our yoga asana sessions will be unlike your daily studio practice. The practices will be longer sessions with break out workshops on posture alignment and technique. You will experience the practice in a whole new way. You will practice with intention of understanding the posters so deeply that you will be able to effortlessly share them with others. 

The level of yoga that will set you up for success is to:
- Have practiced for a minimum of 3 months
- Be able to do Wheel pose
- Be able to practice in a warm room

Physically, this immersion will ask a lot of you. You will need to take exceptional care of yourself during the week, hydrating, eating well and resting fully. By the end of the week you will experience new levels of energy and vitality!

I am not sure what will happen in the immersion, is this likely to give me the tools that I’m looking for?

This training will provide a pathway to transform your life. That’s a bold statement, and it’s true. The training works for what you’re working on, only if YOU do the work. During the week intensive we focus on three key areas, yoga asana, meditation and self leadership. We will teach alignment and technique in our posture clinics so the practice gets into your bones. You will self reflect in your meditation practice to develop the ability to deeply listen to your calling. You will be taught self-leadership tools so you can respond to your calling. This combination of practices throughout the week intensive will provide you with the strength, stamina, clarity and practical tools to create the life you choose. 

What will I expect after doing the Teacher Training?

You will be able to powerfully teach a 90 minute Journey Into Power class which means that you have learned the tools to restore yourself in times of stress, to know who you are and what you have to offer the world, and be able to tap into your authentic voice. This training is about being able to lead yourself so you can lead others in your life. 

For any other questions about this training, and registration please email