At Home

At Basecamp, our mission is to help people discover their uniqueness and embrace who they truly are so they can contribute to the greater good in the world. We commit to this mission no matter the circumstances. While we collectively adjust to this temporary state of physical distance, we are one hundred percent dedicated to serving you, our community. 

We are thrilled to continue to be Your Base for Greatness as we navigate this period of time together. Staying committed and connected with our yoga practice is what we all need to stay strong, resilient, and powerful. 

Through Basecamp at Home our team will be offering a variety of classes and community experiences. The schedule includes our signature Power Yoga classes, Power Yoga Jams, and Yin Yoga. We can’t wait!

Basecamp at Home Classes

Power Yoga
Our signature Baptiste-style power yoga sequence. Leave your whole body, mind, and spirit feeling strong, revitalised, and energised. This class is fast-paced, challenging, and will make you sweat!

Power Jams
A guaranteed sweaty, lighthearted and FUN power vinyasa signature class with a curated playlist that will get you fired up from the inside out. Expect less cueing and more movement with breath. Let the music move you out of your head and into the experience of being alive, in your body, and with your community (whanau).

Yin Yoga
A perfect complement to our power yoga classes. Yin is a slow, more passive practice that allows you to access deep muscle release. Poses are held between three and five minutes. Yin is best practiced with props - any pillows, blankets, blocks, or bolsters you can find at home will work. It’s time to relax!

FREE Meditation
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
8:15 - 8:30 a.m.
FREE 15 minute guided meditation. These sessions will leave you feeling grounded and connected: mind, body, and soul.


1. Sign in into your MindBody account and ensure that your e-mail address is correct.

2. View our class schedule online and book in on MindBody.

View Basecamp at Home Timetable

3. Once you book in to class, confirmation will be sent to you via email with the stream link.

4. Approximately 15 minutes of the class schedule start time, you’ll receive an email reminder from us with the stream link to access the class.
If you do not get this in your inbox, please check on your Spam, Junk or Promotions folder.

5. Click on the link 10-15 minutes before the class begins. If you have a Zoom application installed already, you will join immediately. If you do not have a Zoom application installed, you’ll be prompted to download it.

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Pricing options

$12 Online Drop-in
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$90 Basecamp at Home 10 class pack
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$60 Basecamp at Home 2-week Unlimited pass
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All auto-renew memberships will be suspended until 24 April. We will reassess this later in the month.

Those who are already signed up for the New Student Special, Your Year of Yoga, or the monthly unlimited class pack are eligible to use any remaining credit for Basecamp at Home classes.

We ask that only paying members use our live-stream links. If you have partners or flatmates who’d like to join, please ask them to sign up and pay for a drop in class on MindBody.

Setting up an at home practise

We recommend placing your yoga mat in a quiet space with enough room to move an arm’s-length on all sides. If you do not have a yoga mat, a folded blanket or beach towel on carpet can work as well. 

Make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection–otherwise, the stream may skip.

If you have props (blocks, straps, bolsters) available at home, set those up within easy reach. If you do not have yoga props you can substitute folded blankets, pillows, towels, stacks of books, or chairs to use instead. Empty tip-top ice cream containers can work as light blocks! Use what you can. 

Set your devices to silent so you can tune-in and fully show up for your practice.

We'd like to hear from you

Our community is strong and vibrant practicing together online! We are dedicated to helping you stay consistent with the practice you love and remaining connected to each other. 

We’d like to hear from you on how it’s going and ways we can improve. 

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