Our Purpose

A home base to explore your power, purpose and greatest potential so that you can make a difference in the world.

Our Mission

To help people discover their uniqueness and embrace who they truly are so they can contribute to the greater good in the world

Our Vision

To be the place New Zealanders go to discover their potential. We are the leading education and empowerment center in the South Pacific.

Our Values


We see the greatest possible potential in all people. We are guided by contribution in every interaction.


Unconditional support no matter what is going on for you.


Dedication and commitment to showing up powerfully for yourself and others.

Our Culture

Basecamp Power Yoga is a movement creating a Powerful community (Whanau) in the heart of Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

We practise Power Yoga because of the real results it produces physically (tinana), mentally (Hinengaro), and spiritually (wairua). Basecamp is a place where you cultivate power and strength in your body. We invite you to discover what is possible (taea) with regular yoga and meditation practise. Our yoga, with consistent practise, will help you have better focus, feel energised, reach new heights, and support you in getting where you want to go.

Our name was inspired by mountains with a solid and wide base – where you reach up into the world. Basecamp is a foundation that lasts through all poses and situations in life. Basecamp is a meeting place to climb life together without any perceived limitation. It is from our foundation in which we grow together. With a solid foundation, our possibilities are endless.

We believe we are more powerful together. Come experience what it is like at Basecamp with us.

Our Team

Cat Thompson - Founder

Cat is the founder of Basecamp Power Yoga. Hailing from Houston, Texas, she fell in love with a Kiwi and his country. She was willing to pick up and move across the globe bringing her love of yoga with her. Cat created Basecamp Power Yoga for you, offering all that she’s learned and discovered through the practice and study of Baptiste Yoga.

Cat had a life changing experience while trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. She took on the adventure of a lifetime trekking to high altitude, sleeping outside, eating in the villagers homes and being welcomed by the Budhist people. Life became simple even in the hardship of exploring at high altitude. She discovered a new sense of vitality and self love while being way out of her comfort zone. This experience was the inspiration for the name of our studio. Basecamp is a place to return to, come home to, while always exploring out into new territories, mind and body.

Cat’s BIG dream is: to deliver a TED talk about how to be nurturing and present as you are.

Grace Clarke - Studio Manager

Grace, a kiwi who found her soul in Vancouver is our Studio Manager here at Basecamp. Taking her first yoga class on Valentines Day 2018, she believes one class was all it took and walked out a completely different human. Over the coming months Grace found herself working the front desk of her local studio and within the course of three years she was managing 3 studios across Vancouver. A Vinyasa Flow is Grace’s favorite way to move. She loves a practice that is playful and lighthearted, nothing beats a great playlist to flow to! Grace’s favorite Mantra/Intention during her practice is; ‘If not now, soon. If not soon, something better is on its way.’ This is something she takes with her on and off the mat.

Grace’s BIG Dream: To find an old 100+ year house on a plot of land to renovate.

Alicia Robb (Apprentice)

Alicia is a qualified Yoga and Pilates instructor. She is  passionate about the power of movement and recently finished her BSc at the University of Auckland with a double major in Exercise Science and Psychology. Alicia’s studies reinforce the importance of moving our bodies and building strength for both physical and mental wellbeing.

In 2020, Alicia studied with Breathe Education to become a qualified Group Matwork and Reformer instructor and recently completed my 200hr YTT at Basecamp Power Yoga. “I believe that both Yoga and Pilates are incredible ways of challenging and pushing yourself to new limits in a way that is playful and fun”. Alicia loves sharing her passion for movement with others and helping others to feel strong, empowered and more connected to themselves.

Alicia’s BIG dream is: to become fluent in Japanese and travel around Japan learning more about the culture and to deepen her connection to her Japanese ancestry.

Ashlee Lala (Apprentice)

Ashlee fell in love with Power Yoga 8 years ago while living in Melbourne, at a time in her life when she was doing a lot of long distance running. At first yoga was just a way to stretch and release the physical tension accumulated from pounding the pavement, until she became curious and started to dive deeper into the practice. 

Ashlee wanted to become a teacher because “when you’re super passionate and obsessed with something, I believe you have a responsibility to share it with others.” In 2020 she completed her first 200hr Teacher Training with Power Living in Sydney and in June 2022 completed Basecamp’s Path to Power Teacher Training. 

She is committed to her core values of strength and faith and her classes reflect this - expect to sweat and be challenged while having a good laugh along the way. For Ashlee, yoga has also had a profound impact on her mental wellbeing, building a sense of faith and connection within herself.  Off the mat, Ashlee loves being creative with design, writing and artistic projects. 

Ashlee’s BIG dream is: to spend all day enjoying dynamic, powerful movement practices with awesome people and then relax at the end of the day with a good book and a cup of tea.  

Barbara Bent

Barbara is a sunshine-loving Florida native who fell in love with New Zealand (and a kiwi), and now calls NZ her home. When she’s not on her mat or teaching, you’ll find her in nature exploring beaches, hiking, and birdwatching. 

Barbara’s yoga journey began while in University and she has been learning and deepening her practice ever since. She is drawn to the physical challenge that yoga offers as well as the mental clarity she experiences in the flow. Once she began practising Baptiste Power Yoga, she felt a profound internal shift. Through asana, meditation, and inquiry, she has been able to tap into her own power and realise her purpose: to guide others to be in their greatness.

After taking her first class at Basecamp, she knew she found her community. As a teacher, Barbara offers a sweaty, challenging class that will leave students feeling inspired, grounded, & connected. 

Barbara’s BIG dream is: to lead yoga & wellness retreats in the South Pacific & USA. She wants to create a sanctuary to share the healing powers of yoga and nature.

Bella Conyngham

Kiwi born and bred, Bella grew up loving Auckland’s beaches and nature. Having trained as a dancer growing up, she’s passionate about the mental and physical benefits of movement. 

After completing her 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training through Basecamp’s academy in 2020, she is on a mission to empower people to find their greatness, just as they are. She is inspired by powerful, mindful movement that is accessible to everyone, and believes in building a community alongside it.

Bella’s big dream is: To protect the planet through inspiring and educating individuals and businesses in a loving way. 

Ben Simcock

Ben was born and raised in Wellington, lived in London for a number of years, and has since made the city of sails his home. 

His passions include spending time with friends and family, being out in nature, different forms of movement such as yoga, martial arts, and calisthenics; and exploring paths to self-mastery with a focus on being of greater service.

Ben views teaching Baptiste Power Yoga as a privilege having regularly experienced the powerful ways it helps him and others to tune in, reset, align, and optimise different aspects of the human experience. For him, yoga at Basecamp is also a way to not only connect in to oneself but to be part of an amazing community and tribe.

Ben’s BIG dream is: to live an amazing life, continuing to experience greater levels of ease, flow, peace, joy and freedom and helping others to do the same.

Carlo Tonin

Carlo was born in a small city in the countryside of Brazil called Erechim. He moved to New Zealand back in 2016. He loves to challenge himself physically through activities such as his yoga asana practice, cycling, running and hiking. Carlo has a background in Mechanical Engineering and loves reading and discussing different concepts especially in subjects such as physics, spirituality, philosophical & mathematical concepts.

Fiona Liu

Fiona is a dedicated yoga and mindfulness practitioner and teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience. Having previously owned two successful yoga studios and led numerous teacher trainings, Fiona is committed to empowering her students and clients by sharing the tools of yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion. 

Fiona’s strengths are teaching Yin Yoga, Yin Yang, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, as well as integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Taoist yoga and Mindfulness into her teaching. Through growing up in China, but also studying with world-class yoga teachers like Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Jo Phee, Tiffany Cruikshank, Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons, and Donna Farhi, Fiona holds both the Eastern and Western philosophies simultaneously, having interwoven their unique and individual wisdom into both her daily life and her teaching.

Fiona’s commitment to both her young family and teaching led her to sell her two studios to create space for herself to offer more retreats, yoga teacher trainings and her passion to work with individual clients.

Hannah Denton

Hannah is a down-to-earth, nurturing yoga instructor who lives with her tribe of four kids, animals and husband at the base of the beautiful Waitakere ranges. She came to Yoga as a way to blend movement and mindfulness - enabling her to show up gently and authentically.
Her aim as a yoga teacher is to help people tune in to their bodies, to be present in the moment and to be inspired to take their yoga learnings off the mat!
Hannah’s classes focus on moving in a way that is right for your body at each moment in time. They are an opportunity to honour yourself. You can expect a welcoming class where Hannah will hold space for you to explore your own practice.

Hannah’s BIG Dream is: to study permaculture and grow a food forest in her backyard to nourish her family and community.

Kate Valintine (Apprentice)

Kate is bubbly and energetic, originally from Taranaki she was always outdoors, practicing gymnastics or finding new ways to be upside down. She found yoga over a decade ago as a chance to keep moving and this has grown to a practice of connection, gratitude and wholeness.

After dabbling with a variety of practices, she found Power Yoga at Basecamp and knew this was her place. Kate loves bringing people together and holding space to unlock their potential which pulled her to teaching. After completing her YTT with Basecamp in 2022, Kate has joined the basecamp team as an apprentice. You can expect her classes to be fun, playful and sweaty!

Kate's big dream:To live in a home surrounded by nature, spending her time educating and empowering others to lead powerful lives.

Laura Trundle

Laura is a performer specialising in puppetry and motion capture. She has always been fascinated by the way the body moves and our emotional connection to our extremities. As a very physical performer she instantly fell in love with yoga and the freedom she has found in meditation. 

Being a part of Basecamp academy's teacher training programme opened a new world of community and practice. Her favourite game is visiting other people's classes and pinching their ideas for her own practice and classes. Laura takes such joy in sharing what she has learnt through her lessons. 

Laura's BIG dream is: to one day be a Pambassaor (Panda ambassador) for Chengdu

Mia Malazo

Mia is a Registered Nurse in her homecounty, a self-taught artist, and the hostess with the mostess. Mia is a health advocate firmly believing that our health is the most important gift of all.

Mia tried a lot of activities to maintain her physical wellness such as going to the gym, swimming, climbing and different styles of yoga, but she fell in love with Baptiste Power Yoga the first time she tried it at Basecamp. This practice helped create balance in her life while mindfully choosing what’s best for her well-being.

Mia’s BIG dream is: of living in a cottage by the lake meditating and practicing yoga every day. She hopes to help people become aware of the benefits of yoga in their bodies and minds.

Pamela Sidhu

Pamela was first introduced to yoga during her professional dance training at the New Zealand School of Dance. During her studies, and since graduating in 2012, she has worked with Black Grace Dance Company, The New Zealand Dance Company, The Lion King (Australian Tour) and The Lion King (Netherlands).

Throughout her career Pamela developed a strong and personal yoga and pilates practice which she believes has sustained the health of her body and mind. Preventing injuries; assisting with muscle recovery; and offering a place of refuge, from the fast pace of everyday life, to slow down and reconnect.

To take her practice further she completed a YTA 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher training in Spain with Frog Lotus Yoga. She taught in Amsterdam for two years before returning home to Auckland in 2018. Upon returning she completed her Barre training through Studio Three. Along with her artistic endeavours she has continued to teach those two principles, and loves that she gets to invite and guide others to journey on the same thoughtful enquiry of their bodies and minds.

Rebecca Cameron

Beka grew up north of Christchurch in Rangiora, with her parents and younger sister. In her childhood and teens, she dabbled with gymnastics and hockey, but after moving into the city for university these fell by the wayside, and she struggled to find something else that she enjoyed. It wasn't until starting a part-time job with Lululemon in 2014 that she was introduced to yoga, which lit a spark. In fact, her first ever class was actually a Baptiste Power Yoga class - and though she has tried a number of other styles in the years since, Baptiste-style power has always been magnetic to Beka.

In 2018, Beka completed her degree in film and television at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, and moved to Auckland for an internship (which ultimately turned into a full-time job as a researcher slash director) at a production company shortly after. It wasn't long before she discovered Basecamp - funnily enough, by attending a Sunday morning class at Lululemon that happened to be led by a Basecamp teacher.

These days, you'll catch Beka practicing and teaching at the studio, and researching stories or out in the field directing. When she's not working, she's probably hanging out with her seven (yes, seven) flatmates - floating down the Waikato River in inflatable boats, hosting bizarrely themed parties at the flat, or using a couple of hapless flatmates as guinea pigs for new sequences or Power Jams playlists.

Beka's BIG dream is: to become a best-selling author, and an award-winning screenwriter.

Robin Kelly

Robin came to yoga in 2021 after lockdowns and life in general brought him to his knees. From there he found Child’s Pose and the rest is history. He plunged in with abandon and found a place, a practice, and a community of wellbeing and personal growth. Now he teaches yoga and fills his classes with all the passion and playfulness that yoga has brought to his life.

A musician by trade, Robin often brings his love of music and guitar to his classes for that extra-special touch.

Robin’s big dream: To make a living in kindness and playfulness, and to make his life a playground for the little ones that will take on the world

Sam Holland (Apprentice)

Growing up in Auckland, Sam first discovered yoga 10 years ago at her local gym, and was instantly hooked. Her practice ebbed and flowed over the years, until she found Power Yoga at Basecamp. The blissful feeling at the end of each class encouraged her to return to a consistent practice . 

Sam is fascinated about the impact movement has on the mind-body connection, and our mental health and wellbeing. You’ll find her reading books, and absorbing TED talks on this topic regularly.  

She completed her 200 YTT this year with Basecamp, and has recently joined the Basecamp team as an apprentice teacher. Sam strives to teach from a place of authenticity, and enjoys creating energetic classes, and encouraging her students to tune into what feels good for them during practice. 

Off of the mat, Sam enjoys trying new things. She recently signed up to an improvised acting course to develop and strengthen her connection to fun, playfulness and presence. She’s also tried Salsa dancing and boxing this year, and hopes to try pottery and ice baths soon! 

Sam’s BIG dream is: to volunteer at yoga & surf camps around Portugal! Also to teach a live beats class at Basecamp one day – singing and playing guitar