Who we are

Our Mission
Offer a practise where you feel powerful in your body, a place for community and connection.

Our Values

Unconditional support no matter what is going on for you.

We are passionate about yoga practise and are constantly learning and levelling up our teaching to deliver the best possible yoga class of all time.

We go above what is expected for one another because we know we are more powerful together.

For the Greater Good
We see the greatest possible potential in all people. We are guided by contribution in every interaction.

Our Culture
Basecamp Power Yoga is a movement creating a Powerful community (Whanau) in the heart of Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

We practise Power Yoga because of the real results it produces physically (tinana), mentally (Hinengaro), and spiritually (wairua). Basecamp is a place where you cultivate power and strength in your body. We invite you to discover what is possible (taea) with regular yoga and meditation practise. Our yoga, with consistent practise, will help you have better focus, feel energised, reach new heights, and support you in getting where you want to go.

Our name was inspired by mountains with a solid and wide base – where you reach up into the world. Basecamp is a foundation that lasts through all poses and situations in life. Basecamp is a meeting place to climb life together without any perceived limitation. It is from our foundation in which we grow together. With a solid foundation, our possibilities are endless.

We believe we are more powerful together. Come experience what it is like at Basecamp with us.

Our Team

Cat Thompson

Cat is the founder of Basecamp Power Yoga. Hailing from Houston, Texas, she fell in love with a Kiwi and his country. She was willing to pick up and move across the globe bringing her love of yoga with her. Cat created Basecamp Power Yoga for you, offering all that she’s learned and discovered through the practice and study of Baptiste Yoga.

Cat had a life changing experience while trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. She took on the adventure of a lifetime trekking to high altitude, sleeping outside, eating in the villagers homes and being welcomed by the Budhist people. Life became simple even in the hardship of exploring at high altitude. She discovered a new sense of vitality and self love while being way out of her comfort zone. This experience was the inspiration for the name of our studio. Basecamp is a place to return to, come home to, while always exploring out into new territories, mind and body.

Cat’s BIG dream is: to deliver a TED talk about how to be nurturing and present as you are.

Mia Malazo - Studio Manager

Mia is a Registered Nurse in her homecounty, a self-taught artist, and the hostess with the mostess. Our multi-talented studio manager is a health advocate firmly believing that our health is the most important gift of all.

Mia tried a lot of activities to maintain her physical wellness such as going to the gym, swimming, climbing and different styles of yoga, but she fell in love with Baptiste Power Yoga the first time she tried it at Basecamp. This practice helped create balance in her life while mindfully choosing what’s best for her well-being.

Mia’s big dream is: of living in a cottage by the lake meditating and practicing yoga every day. She hopes to help people become aware of the benefits of yoga in their bodies and minds.

Bryce Carter

Born and bred Cantabrian now residing in Auckland, Bryce (aka Bear) lives for good times surrounded by friends and family playing music, skiing, surfing, practicing yoga or mountain biking.

The dynamic combination of artistic express and the athletic and sport have always inspired his ‘why’ and he resonates with how yoga encompasses artistic creation and expression of the physical body.

Baptiste Power Yoga was the first yoga practice that inspired significant shifts in his physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and has facilitated a path towards a more joyful and epic life.

Bryce teaches yoga because he felt the transformative power of inquiry, meditation, and asana delivered through the Baptiste methodology. He is passionate about sharing his love of yoga.

Bryce's BIG dream is: to leave the corporate world for a while and travel the US and Canada with his girlfriend in a van, gigging and teaching yoga along the way. One day he’d like to combine all his favourites, a yoga studio, barbell and kettlebell facility, sauna and cold therapy, He would like to share that with y'all!

Cushla Roughan

Cushla grew up with an intensive dance background and a family of chiropractors. Her fascination with the human body has motivated her to study dance, yoga and pilates. Cushla loves connecting to her body and finds joy in movement.

Cushla has always practiced yoga as part of her dance training and only fell in love with the practice when she experienced Baptiste Power yoga. She fell in love with the strength aspect of the practice and the challenge to grow and expand with each pose. Baptiste Power Yoga has given Cushla the ability to connect and tune in with her body while letting go of perfection.

Cushla's Big Dream is: to have her own space where creatives can come together, exploring movement and finding freedom to express themselves.

James Anson-Holland

James has a background in top-level sport having played basketball for the University of South Alabama USA. A knee injury curtailed his basketball career however he discovered yoga was a means of a pain-free and physically challenging exercise that made his knee feel better and stronger.

Lawyer by day, James makes time to share his enthusiasm for the strong physical challenge of Baptiste Power yoga. His first hand experience of yoga’s benefits for recovery and overall wellbeing motivates him to share this practice.

James finds the combination of law and yoga gives balance to his life. Yoga provides a release from the stresses of his professional career and affords a deeper connection with his community.

James is a global ambassador for Africa Yoga Project, an initiative that educates, empowers, elevates, and expands employability for marginalised youth in Africa.

James' BIG dream is: to spread Africa Yoga Project’s message that yoga is bigger than the shapes you make on your mat.

Mackenzie Dancho

Mackenzie is a passionate, kind-hearted yoga instructor from the Canadian prairies. She came to New Zealand looking for change and adventure, and found a home at Basecamp. Her mission as a yoga instructor is to create an open, accepting and loving space in which students feel empowered to explore the edge of their comfort zone. With a focus on embodiment, Mackenzie’s classes are vibrant, playful and creative. You can expect a friendly, relaxed vibe, a strong and fluid flow, a lovingly curated playlist and a long, grounding savasana.

Mackenzie’s BIG dream is: to chase summer forever and live between Canada and New Zealand, hosting yoga retreats in both countries.

Milly Taylor

Milly found yoga when she was 16 years old thanks to her Mum. She dabbled in different styles in her first few years of practicing but after she left high school and stopped dancing she found her home in Vinyasa Yoga. She loves the deep connection between breath and body and encourages this to be the focus of her classes.

Milly teaches mindfulness to children and loves the sense of play in practicing where we can re-find our child-like selves, underneath all the thoughts our minds feed us.

Sandra Washington

Sandra grew up in the glorious Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington. With her life long love of the outdoors, she’s happy to have found a new home in the spectacular, nature-loving country of New Zealand. Along with being in nature, yoga and meditation are Sandra’s favourite ways to truly connect to her whole self - mind, body, and spirit. Sandra loves sharing the if yoga with her students. With her naturally calming energy, she encourages her students to be fully themselves. She creates a challenging yet accessible class while embodying
her philosophy is that yoga is for everybody and every body. Sandra’s hope is that her students can get to know themselves physically as well as on a deeper level. Off the mat you can find her out hiking and backpacking in nature, drinking a cup of tea in a cute cafe, or planning her next travel adventure!

Sandra’s BIG dream is: to own her own retreat centre where she can share and promote deep, soulful connection to self and others.