Saturday, 1 February - Sunday, 1 March

Guess What?!! Basecamp Power Yoga’s first ever 30 Day Challenge – Ready, Set, Goal!

Overcome procrastination, and any excuses that get in your way around thing you say you want to do. Take your practice to the next level in one area will elevate all areas of your life. Once you commit, you are accountable to this challenge, you’ll discover that all the little nagging things you say you want to do and don’t begin to happen.

Earn your STAR 

You will meditate every day for a minimum of 5 minutes

You will practice yoga every day for a minimum of 20 minutes (home or studio practice) 

You will communicate with your accountability buddy weekly (by email, text or in-person) 

This program is honor-based accountability.

*Your must have an accountability buddy. You can choose or we’ll help your find one.

Completion Prize

 $300 off 200 Hour Teacher Training


$150 off the 75 hour Immersion 

Plus a Basecamp water bottle for you and your buddy.

*Are you a part of our EE Program? You will receive another prize when using your YTT discount from EE.  

Participation is FREE.
First and last name